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Alton Brown's Genius Tip
For Storing Wooden Skewers
Shish kabobs are a great way to shake up your dinner routine and incorporate more vegetables into your usual barbecue. While wooden skewers are a great, cheap way to make kabobs, they do come with some drawbacks. Luckily, celebrity chef Alton Brown is here to help.
One of the drawbacks to using wooden shish kabob skewers is that any uncovered parts of them tend to burn, and even possibly catch on fire. The classic solution to this is to let the skewers soak in water beforehand so the added moisture can keep the wood from scorching and burning.
Alton Brown's twist is to store the skewers in water all the time so you're always ready to throw some kabobs on the grill. When you're ready to eat, simply give the bottle a squeeze, and the skewers will float right to the top, so you can have kabobs any time without having to worry about them getting scorched.