Banana bread sliced on parchment paper with knife
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Alton Brown's Addition For Perfect Banana Bread
By Karen Hart
Banana bread, which first made its debut during the Great Depression, recently gained a lot of popularity as an excellent way of using up overly ripe bananas rather than tossing them in the trash. According to Alton Brown’s website, there are over eight million banana bread recipes; however, Brown's version offers the perfect addition to outshine all others.
While the texture of banana bread is a high priority for Brown, he once stated how he felt that most banana bread recipes lead to "mushy" and flavorless end products. To avoid that same fate for his own banana bread, Brown adds toasted oats — which also work as added nutrients — to his version of the baked good.
Brown writes of his banana bread recipe, "it's darned nutritious to boot. [...] As for the oats, don't even think about using the instant kind. Only old-fashioned rolled oats will do here." While oats are a great filler and provide healthy bulk that keeps you satiated, they are also great at soaking up moisture, which will help you cut out the mushy effect of bananas.