A plate of rice and beans with an avocado and tomato salad
Alter Rice And Bean Dinners With One Canned Ingredient
Rice and beans are a staple in households all over the world. To really transform them, you need harif (aka harissa), a popular ingredient in the Middle East and North Africa.
Made from a mix of warm spices, extra virgin olive oil, bright citrus, and chiles, harissa provides a hit of heat that makes it the perfect complement to everyday rice and beans.
Native to North Africa, harissa combines all of the spices that the region's souks are so famous for, but the exact recipe can vary depending on where you are and who makes it.
At its core, harissa is a chili paste, and the most authentic type always begins with a base of chili de arbol peppers, whether they’re fresh or fried, and sweet red bell peppers.
The type and amount of spices you use depends on preference, but you’ll almost always find a blend of coriander, cumin, and spices like paprika, caraway, cayenne, or bay leaves.
You can find harissa in most grocery stores, but it can vary in heat depending on how many red bell peppers are used, so keep that in mind while you’re shopping.