Coffee cakes stacked on a plate
Almond Flour Is The Simple Swap For A Nutty-Flavored Coffee Cake
Coffee cake is pretty perfect as-is, but with the addition of almond flour, it gains a nutty, sweet, and slightly bitter taste that complements the bold buttery and sugary flavors.
You can swap out all-purpose flour for almond flour, or combine the two, which will let your coffee cake take on an extra dimension of flavor while keeping its soft texture.
Tasting Table recipe developer Jaime Shelbert mixes a small amount of all-purpose flour with almond flour. Don't overmix the batter, or almond flour can make it dry and crumbly.
Gently mix the ingredients by hand, feeling around for any lumps and squashing them as you go. Closely monitor the coffee cake as it bakes, as almond flour tends to cook faster.