Homemade Jewish Noodle Kugel Breakfast with Cinnamon
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Allergy-Friendly Substitutions To Consider When Making Kugel
Kugel is a staple at Jewish holidays and family gatherings, but allergies and dietary restrictions can make these creamy potato or noodle casseroles off-limits for some. To give all your friends and family members their share of kugel-induced joy, you can easily make a few modifications to your typical recipe.
The casserole is typically made with potatoes or egg noodles mixed with dairy and add-ins like vegetables, dried fruit, seasonings, and spices, and eggs hold the dish together. Potatoes make for a gluten-free kugel, but noodles are a better option for sweet kugels, so try using rice noodles to keep it GF.
As for vegetarian and vegan alternatives, eggs can be swapped with commercial egg replacers, applesauce, or silken tofu, or a slurry made with water and flax seeds, chia seeds, or chickpea flour. Plant-based "dairy" products made of soy, almonds, oats, and more make quick work of the dairy part of your recipe.