Butter and egg pasta with an herb garnish
All You Need Is Butter And Egg For An Easy And Smooth Pasta Sauce
Eggs or butter are staples in pasta sauces like carbonara, but it's possible to use nothing but these two ingredients to make a sauce that is equally rich and creamy.
This sauce is similar to carbonara, but not as strongly savory. A raw egg is added to hot pasta and gently cooked by the heat of the noodles, then combined with butter.
This recipe works particularly well when paired with shorter pasta shapes like shells or elbows. These noodles often come with ridges that the sauce can stick to.
To make this super-simple sauce, cook pasta and reserve some of the cooking water, then add melted butter to the pasta and toss until the noodles are thoroughly coated.
Next, crack an egg over the pasta and toss it some more. If the egg is soupy and isn’t clinging to the pasta, add some pasta cooking water and warm the pot over low heat.
No pasta is complete without a garnish. You can go with a classic sprinkle of cheese over this dish, or you can try something more adventurous like everything bagel seasoning.