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All You Need For The Best Over-Easy Eggs Is A Dash Of Water
One of the most popular ways to enjoy eggs is cooking them over-easy, but getting them right can be tricky, and you might be left with uncooked, slimy egg whites and a solid yolk. Worst of all is when the yolk pops while you flip the egg, so to get a perfect over-easy egg every time, use a little water and no flipping at all.
TikTok user Erin Meck demonstrated this method in which she adds two eggs to a buttered skillet, seasons them with salt and pepper, then adds a couple tablespoons of water once the egg whites look less translucent. She immediately covers the pan with a lid to create steam, and after a minute, the eggs are perfectly cooked.
The egg yolks should have a white film over the top before you remove the eggs from the pan. This method essentially uses a cooking technique known as water-basting, which typically calls for a small amount of butter or oil to be added to the pan, though Meck uses a far more generous amount of butter in her TikTok video.