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All Fiji Water Comes From This One Source
The bottling and exportation of water have been profitable for the nation of Fiji and the American-owned FIJI Water company. It’s reported in a 2007 article that the most common question the company’s U.S. employees get asked is, “Does it really come from Fiji?”
FIJI Water states that 100% of the water is sourced from an underground chamber of rock known as an aquifer on the island of Viti Levu in Fiji’s Yaqara Valley. The aquifer water is labeled artesian due to its source, with the slogan, “It’s not just water. It’s Fiji water,” hinting that the hidden water is different.
However, the company’s aspirational videos highlighting the water collecting process have been criticized as calculated marketing campaigns aimed at Hollywood’s elite. But a more significant issue is the long-term environmental damage done in Fiji and the rising tension of modern factories producing the product while many citizens go without clean drinking water.