Chef Alex Guarnaschelli at an event
Alex Guarnaschelli's Mini Stuffed Peppers Are The Best Combo Of Crunchy And Creamy
If you're looking for a new crowd-pleasing appetizer to serve at your next dinner party, try Chef Alex Guarnaschelli’s updated spin on cheesy stuffed mini peppers.
Rather than mozzarella or cheddar, Guarnaschelli's recipe uses goat cheese for creaminess and a refreshing tart flavor. You can also use other soft cheeses like feta or ricotta.
Then, the chef adds toasted pine nuts for an unexpected crunch and rich, buttery flavor. She toasts the nuts in a skillet on medium heat for about three minutes before use.
The filling is rounded out with salt, olive oil, scallions, lemon zest, and lemon juice. The mixture is loaded into hollowed-out cherry peppers and baked for a fantastic appetizer.