Alex Guarnaschelli attends the Grand Tasting in NYC.
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Alex Guarnaschelli's Go-To
Lazy Meal
Cooking is only fun when you want to cook, and we need to eat whether we feel like getting in the kitchen or not. Even famous chefs like Food Network host Alex Guarnaschelli have a go-to lazy meal, Guarnaschelli prepares this dish for herself at home when she doesn't feel like slaving over a hot stove.
Guarnaschelli told Twitter that her simple and satisfying go-to meal is "Just a spatchcocked chicken with a lot of potatoes." To spatchcock, home cooks de-spine a whole bird and flatten it before roasting, which admittedly might not sound too "lazy," but the way Guarnaschelli does it saves a lot of time.
Using the spatchcock method, a 3 ½-pound bird can be ready to eat in just 35 minutes, since the technique maximizes the amount of surface area exposed to heat, cooking the chicken quickly and evenly. Guarnaschelli's recommended side of potatoes can even be cooked in the same pan as the chicken.