Alex Guarnaschelli is seen during her demonstration at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival.
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Alex Guarnaschelli Creates Edible Tablescapes For Easy Entertaining
Tablescaping is a combination of the words "table" and "landscaping," and refers to the practice of creating an elegant and artistic table setting to enhance a special meal. The only limit is your imagination, but if you need a little inspiration, you can borrow a page from Food Network star and pro entertainer Alex Guarnaschelli.
Guarnaschelli tells Food Network that she likes to incorporate fresh produce into her tablescaping to create edible scenery, saying, "I place small plates of berries and fruits out, so the tablescapes are edible along with the meal." An edible tablescape is a great way to serve guests seasonal fruits and vegetables that complement your dishes.
Guarnaschelli isn't alone in her love of edible table settings, and fellow chef Sandra Lee loves to use a beautiful dessert as a centerpiece, making it both a decor item and a meal course. The beauty of an edible tablescape also encourages your guests to graze on goodies and enjoy themselves until the main meal is ready to serve.