NEW YORK, NEW YORK - OCTOBER 16: Chef Alex Guarnaschelli
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Alex Guarnaschelli Can't Stand Cooking With One Common Ingredient
Alex Guarnaschelli likes to eat a dog on a bun just like the rest of us, but she can’t stand the thought of incorporating hot dogs into other recipes.
Guarnaschelli admitted that she hates eating hot dogs in any form that's not on a bun. Not everyone is a fan of the bouncy, elastic bite of the processed meat in other dishes.
Guarnaschelli also revealed on Twitter that one of her least favorite "Chopped" dishes involved a disturbing use of hot dogs. "Puréed hot dog French toast was up there," she wrote.
While some people slice hot dogs to use as a pizza topping or add them to a casserole, you may or may not agree that a hot dog only belongs between two slices of bread.