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Alec Baldwin's Connection To The Bad Vegan Crime Story
The Netflix documentary, "Bad Vegan," has more twists and turns than you might ever imagine, from a Domino's pizza leading to the arrest of the vegan restauranteur to a husband that supposedly combats demons and monsters across the world. Actor Alec Baldwin even plays a small role in this highly unusual story.
Like many hotspot, Sarma Melngailis' fine vegan dining restaurant in Manhattan, Pure Food and Wine, drew many celebrities to its tables, including Baldwin, whose initial presence at the restaurant wasn't just for the food. In "Bad Vegan," it is revealed that Baldwin was attracted to Melngailis, though the two never connected.
Melngailis found romance with Anthony Strangis instead. Melngailis found Strangis to be funny and charming, but it was their mutual connection to Baldwin that made Melngailis feel secure and destined to date Strangis, who be a major part of Melngailis' life and the root of her downfall.