Everleaf bottle and mocktail
Alcohol-Free Spirit Everleaf Was Actually Inspired By Nature
Amidst the popularity of mocktails and the surge of non-alcoholic options, Everleaf remains in a league of its own for its unique relation to nature.
The drink comes out of the UK and is the creation of Paul Mathew, a former conservation biologist turned bartender, who uses his nature background to inspire his drinks.
Everleaf currently comes in three blends, Marine, Forest, and Mountain. Each is made with 12 to 16 botanicals to create a flavorful evocation of the biome they represent.
Forest melds saffron, Madagascar vanilla, and orange blossom for a sweet, earthy flavor, while Mountain is bright and floral with cherry blossom, rosehip, and strawberry.
Marine has saline and umami notes created with bergamot, kelp, and sea buckthorn. Moreover, all Everleaf products have a silky mouthfeel and full body that rivals real alcohol.
Mathew attributes Everleaf’s success to his conservation background which taught him “a big repertoire of different flavors and colors and textures and aromas [to] pull from."
Everleaf can be purchased for £20 in the UK or $34 in the US, and it can be enjoyed neat or in one of the delicious cocktails designed by Everleaf, like the Forest vanilla sour.