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Air Fryer Vs. Convection Oven: What's The Difference?
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The latest craze in meal planning and food preparation is the versatile air fryer, which can bake a flaky piece of salmon, sizzle a steak, and heat up your favorite frozen fries. While they look similar, a convection oven is quite different from an air fryer.
Air fryers come in various shapes and colors; however, one fundamental feature that unifies them is a basket that allows air to circulate under the food. While convection ovens also use a fan, they have a front door and house a small rack or pan
Convection ovens use their fan at the back to lightly circulate the air, while air fryers force air down from the top to circulate air through the ventilated basket. This difference results in air-fried food being more crispy and evenly cooked, while a convection oven can cook more food at one time.