Mexican quesadilla with chicken, tomato, sweet corn, cheese, and sour cream
Air Fry Quesadillas Are The Ultimate Swift And Tasty Weeknight Meal
Air fried quesadillas are the perfect meal for evenings where you just want to relax. All you need are tortillas, shredded cheese, refried beans, and about 15 minutes.
Brush oil onto one side of each tortilla you're using and place them oiled-side down in the air fryer. Spread refried beans onto half of each tortilla and sprinkle cheese on top.
Add meat, veggies, or whatever else you’d like, but don't use too much and keep them in the center so they don't seep out. Fold the tortillas, securing with a toothpick if needed.
Finally, air fry at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for around eight minutes. At the halfway point, carefully flip each quesadilla for even crisping, and enjoy with salsa or other dips.