Dried hominy in a wooden spoon over a table
Air Fry Canned Hominy For Deliciously Customizable DIY Corn Nuts
Hominy is a key ingredient in making masa for popular Mexican dishes. However, instead of breaking it down to enjoy its earthy flavor, air-fry it to make DIY corn nuts.
A beloved snack in South America, Spain, and the Philippines, corn nuts were historically made by soaking dried hominy for days, rehydrating them, and deep frying them till crisp.
Canned hominy is already rehydrated and only has to be drained and rinsed before adding it to the air fryer, so it will reduce the prep time to under half an hour.
Put hominy kernels in the fryer as it preheats to 400 degrees F so they're dry. Drizzle oil over the corn nuts, toss to coat, and put them back into the fryer for up to 20 minutes.
Spread them out in the frying basket, shaking it every four to five minutes for even crisping. The result is crispier, healthier corn nuts that can be customized with seasonings.