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Adding Nuts Can Make Or Break Homemade Biscotti Texture
While most Italian biscotti recipes call for chopped nuts, you should try taking a portion of the nuts and turning them into a fine meal to add to the biscuit dough.
Using finely-ground nut "flour" in your biscotti will integrate the nuts' flavor into the cookies, and help cut down on gluten content to prevent the treats from turning too hard.
To try this, toast all the nuts you’ll be using in your biscotti to intensify their flavor. Then, coarsely chop a portion of the nuts that you don't plan to grind into a fine meal.
Next, take the remaining nuts and grind them in a food processor. You'll then mix both the meal and the chopped nuts into the biscotti dough to finish.
With the addition of a nut meal — whether you use almonds, walnuts, or cashews — the biscotti should have a perfect texture that is crunchy and crumbly, but won't chip a tooth.