sweet potatoes
Add Ube To Your Sweet Potato Pie For A Pop Of Purple
This holiday season, give your sweet potato pies a colorful twist by swapping out regular sweet potatoes for ube: purple sweet potatoes popular in Filipino cooking.
These colorful potatoes still have a light sweetness and a similar texture to American sweet potatoes when cooked and have a brilliant dark-purple color.
To make the swap, you'll need to make two cups of ube puree. Make it by cooking ube in an oven or air fryer until tender and soft, let it cool, and remove the skins.
From here, puree the ube till it reaches a smooth consistency. Then you can use your ube puree in your recipe and continue baking your pie as you normally would.
Consider choosing unique toppings that complement the ube, like coconut, whose gentle sweetness pairs perfectly with ube's natural sweetness.
You can also opt for coconut whipped cream. Macadamia nuts are another popular flavor pairing for ube due to their light sweetness.