Scrambled eggs in wok with wooden spoon
Add Toasted Panko To Your Scrambled Eggs For A Delightful Crunch
An unexpected yet delicious culinary pairing currently trending on social media is bread crumbs in scrambled eggs. This recipe originally comes from TikToker @intothesauce.
Toasted panko bread crumbs and eggs are a tasty combination with an intriguing mix of fluffy, creamy, and crunchy textures. It makes standard scrambled eggs much more exciting.
@intothesauce advises to toast the bread crumbs in a pan until they develop a nutty aroma. Then, add beaten eggs, milk, and seasonings to the pan and scramble to finish.
To this basic recipe, you can add extras like vegetables, red pepper chili flakes, paprika, hot sauce, or chili crisp, or just keep it simple with salt and black pepper.