Starbucks iced coffee with matcha cold foam
Add Starbucks' Matcha Cold Foam For A Unique Touch To Your Coffee
Adding Starbucks' cold foam on top of your coffee gives it a sweet layer of frothy goodness, and you can switch things up with matcha foam for a more complex flavor.
This foam balances the coffee's acidity with a creamy complexity. Starbucks adds sweetness to its cold foam creations, and the matcha adds a light, earthy flavor with herbal notes.
You could try adding Starbucks' matcha cold foam to any chilled coffee drink you like, but there are a few flavor combinations that may work better than others.
To focus your tastebuds primarily on the matcha and java flavors, start with something simple like a regular cold brew, nitro cold brew, iced Americano, or iced espresso.
In addition to being a yummy topping, you also get an extra boost of energy since matcha contains between 38 and 176 milligrams of caffeine in a ½ to 1 teaspoon serving.