Potato salad in a small wooden bowl.
Add Seafood To Potato Salad For An Umami Kick
Potato salad offers a great combo of sweet and tangy flavors, and if you want a punch of umami to make your recipe more savory, then seafood should be your go-to.
Your choices of seafood are endless, from calamari to crab to shrimp. Simply prepare your potato salad and then toss in a cup of any of these, lightly pre-cooked first.
Try mixing Old Bay seasoning or Cajun spices into the salad to bring out the seafood's flavors. If you're using crab, make sure not to overmix, which can shred the meat too much.
Meanwhile, if you’re using fish roe, put a dollop on top of the salad before serving, so the salty punch can be enjoyed without getting lost in the other ingredients.
Stick with fresh seafood instead of a frozen option, and don’t use fried seafood, since its breading will get soggy and fall off when combined with other ingredients.