Steak on a wooden board
Add Savory Richness To Your Next Steak Using Red Wine Mushrooms
In her Steak With Red Wine Mushrooms recipe, Tasting Table recipe developer Michelle McGlinn creates a decadent mushroom topping for a rich ribeye steak.
Savory mushrooms elevate the meaty taste of a steak, while the tannins in red wine bring out the taste of the beef's fatty molecules, aiding in the release of flavor.
Spring for a fancy mushroom variety like chanterelles, king trumpet, or oyster. You'll need about 8 ounces, so if you want to use a mix of four mushrooms, use 2 ounces per variety.
For the wine, McGlinn suggests choosing "something dry with notes of wood, tobacco, spice, and dark berries, like a cabernet." Go for Zinfandel if you want something less rich.
Sear the mushrooms in a pan and then cook the steak in the leftover mushroom liquid, imparting a generous umami flavor directly to the steak's surface.
After cooking and basting your steak in plenty of butter, deglaze the pan with red wine and some beef stock. Add a pat or two of butter for richness and a glossy appearance.
Finally, add the mushrooms back to the pan with sauce to meld the two elements together, then pour over the finished steak for a savory and elegant meal.