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Add One Ingredient For A Flakier Gluten-Free Pie Crust
While those who follow a gluten-free diet often miss out on pie, home bakers can make a delicious gluten-free pie crust that everyone can enjoy. Since gluten-free flours behave much differently than wheat flour, they can use some help to achieve a flaky and light texture, and a certain dairy product could be your secret weapon.
The acidity of sour cream can help to create a tender and flaky pie crust, and sour cream also provides moisture, which makes the crust easier to roll out and shape. The best way to incorporate sour cream into gluten-free pie crust is by mixing it in with the dry ingredients to distribute it evenly throughout the dough.
Make sure to use cold sour cream, which helps with lamination, the process of creating layers of fat in the dough that will puff up in the oven. If your fatty ingredients aren't cold and end up melting in the dough, you won't get any flaky layers, so incorporate cold sour cream into your crust carefully and then follow the rest of your recipe.