White rice being scooped from a pot
Add In Some Garlic To Give White Rice An Easy Burst Of Flavor
White rice is a blank canvas, and garlic, the perfect partner, can add a burst of an earthy and savory flavor when sautéed and a caramelized sweetness when roasted.
You should usually mince the garlic before adding it to rice. Cooking it in a fat such as oil or butter will release each bit of garlic's aromatics so it can perfume the rice.
Try sautéeing garlic over medium heat until golden and fragrant. Let your rice sit covered for 10 minutes after cooking and add it to the pan with the garlic, stirring to combine.
For pilaf-style garlic rice, fry minced garlic in a pot until fragrant, add raw rice, and stir to coat the kernels. Add a cooking liquid and cover, then boil the rice to finish.
Raw minced garlic with a small amount of oil can also be stirred into rice while it's hot, or use roasted garlic. It practically melts into the rice for a rich, sweet flavor.