Cinnamon being sprinkled from a spoon.
Add Cinnamon To Take Your Tomato Sauce To New Heights
Cinnamon, whether ground or in the form of sticks, is wonderfully warm, a little woodsy, and quite sweet. This sweet personality shines through when used in tomato sauce.
Cinnamon adds sweetness to tomato sauce while the spice’s other elements remain cloaked from your taste buds. It can also reduce the acidity of tomatoes.
Don't be heavy-handed when sprinkling this spice into your sauce, or it might be too sweet to consume. Plan to add it once your sauce starts to simmer.
Cinnamon sticks carry less of a risk of adding too much. While cooking, a single stick in the sauce will infuse with the other flavors. Be sure to fish it out before you serve.
Adding cinnamon to your sauce also has another added benefit: If you find that tomatoes upset your stomach, this spice can help ease some of your tummy woes.