Two glasses of red wine with a bunch of grapes on wooden table
Add Cherries To Your Cabernet For An Amazing Wine Experience
A great glass of wine doesn't usually need any dressing up, but to enhance your Cabernet Sauvignon and make it feel more exciting and special, you can try adding cherries.
As a rule, fruit should match the wine it's paired with. For an intense Cabernet, choose fresh and vibrant Bing, Rainier, or Lambert cherries over syrupy maraschino cherries.
These juicy and intense cherries will complement the wine and help draw out the dark fruit flavors already present in a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon.
You can combine the two by simply tossing a few cherries in your glass of wine, or make a homemade cherry syrup. Just make sure the syrup is not too sweet.
You can even create a wine and cherry compote by boiling water, brown sugar, lemon zest, cherries, and wine. Add a scoop of it to your glass for an extra burst of wine flavor.