Traditional Mexican refried beans on a pot
Add Broth To Level Up The Flavor And Texture Of Canned Refried Beans
A simple yet delicious side dish, canned refried beans are ready to eat right out of the can. However, adding broth can help you take their flavor and texture to another level.
You can use chicken or beef broth if you're making dishes like chicken and rice grilled steak tacos, but if you don't eat meat, vegetable broth will also upgrade refried beans.
Broth will slightly thin out the beans' texture, making them creamier and less dense, and it also adds a more savory flavor. Just stir the broth into the beans as you heat them up.
Homemade broth is your best option, but you can save time with premade broth or bouillon cubes dissolved in water. If you're sensitive to salt, opt for a low-sodium broth.
To avoid making watery beans, start with a small amount of broth and add more to your preference. A good ratio is ¼ to ½ cup of broth for a 16-ounce can of beans.