Sidecar cocktail with sugar rim
Add A Spritz Of Apple Cider To Give Your Next Sidecar Cocktail Fall Vibes
As fall comes closer, drinks like pumpkin spice lattes, bourbon, and apple cider take center stage, but an autumnal variation of the sidecar cocktail is much more creative.
Instead of the classic combo of cognac, lemon juice, and orange liqueur, try a “cide-car,” which adds apple cider and Angostura bitters for an autumnal twist.
Simply combine your ingredients in a shaker with ice and strain into a coupe glass. The resulting drink boasts complexity with tart lemon, warm apple cider, and complex cognac.
For extra fall festivity, add a cinnamon-sugar rim to the glass and garnish with a cinnamon stick, apple slice, whole cloves, star anise pods, or a brandied cherry.
To maintain a balanced flavor, opt for a less sweet apple cider, or increase your amounts of Cointreau and lemon juice to balance out the drink so it's not too sweet.
Likewise, your cognac will alter the drink. You can go traditional or try a fitting variant like Argonaut Fat Thumb Brandy, with notes of apple cobbler, nutmeg, and cloves.