Roast beef sandwiches with lettuce on wooden cutting board on dark wooden background
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Add A Hearty Crunch To Roast Beef Sandwiches With Crispy Fried Onions
Roast beef sandwiches are a delicious and filling meal option that is fairly easy to make, but if the beef is holding lots of juice, the bread can turn pretty soggy. To give your roast beef sandwich a hearty crunch that's less likely to go limp, even when faced with lots of juicy beef, try adding crispy fried onions.
There are many ways to dress up a roast beef sandwich, but a good textural contrast and satisfying crunch can be even better than a sauce or condiment. Crispy fried onions add both flavor and texture to your sandwich, and you can buy them pre-prepared at the store, often meant to go on top of green bean casserole.
These store-bought onions can even be used in sandwiches you're making for later to take to work, a picnic, or mid-hike lunch. In this case, store the fried onions separately in a small bag, container, or their original packaging and add them to your sandwich right before eating for the best crunch.