Bowl of mashed potatoes with a spoon of mashed potatoes
A Waffle Maker Is The Key To Using Up Leftover Mashed Potatoes
Although leftovers can make dinner much easier, it can be boring to eat the same dish on repeat. If you have an excess of mashed potatoes, give them new life with a waffle iron.
With just 15 minutes or less and last night's mashed potatoes, you can use a waffle maker to cook up a savory waffle-like treat that can be enjoyed with any meal.
The waffle maker will add a crispy exterior that creamy complements potatoes, while the inside of the "waffles" will retain the soft, pillowy texture of your favorite mash.
You can use plain mashed potatoes, or mix an egg and some flour for a fluffier texture. Then, get creative with seasonings, fresh herbs, or toppings like herbs and cheese.