Toasted bread with bacon lettuce tomatoes
A Waffle Iron Is All You Need To Make Crispy Bacon Patties For BLTs
To create a more substantial bacon element in your BLT, consider transforming the bacon strips into a standout patty using a waffle iron. There are a couple ways to achieve this.
One method is to twist individual bacon strips, then coil them together to form a round patty. You can also weave the bacon strips to create a square patty that holds together.
This method is particularly effective because the waffle iron applies even pressure and heat, ensuring that the bacon patty doesn't unravel or get undone as it cooks.
Place your bacon patty in the preheated waffle iron and close the lid gently. Keep an eye on it as it cooks, letting it cook to the level of crispness that you prefer.
With the bacon patty ready, prepare two slices of bread with mayo and lettuce, then add the bacon. Top it with tomato slices for a BLT that features bacon as the star of the show.