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A Top Subway Executive Just Addressed The 'Fake Tuna' Allegations
In January 2021, Karen Dhanowa and Nilima Amin filed the first of three lawsuits against Subway claiming the chain’s tuna sandwiches contained no actual tuna. The plaintiffs’ third suit brought new evidence from a marine biologist who tested nearly two dozen Subway tuna specimens, finding tuna DNA in just one sample, chicken in all, and pork and beef in several.
Despite the alleged DNA results, Subway continues to maintain that its tuna is absolutely authentic. Subway’s North America president Trevor Haynes stated, “Our tuna is nothing but 100% fantastic tuna. [...] You want to learn more about it, [go to],” the website launched by the chain as a response to the lawsuits, per Reuters.
However, Haynes’ strong words come on the heels of a July ruling by a federal judge that the class action lawsuit initiated by Dharnowa and Amin is now cleared to proceed, NPR reports. The New York Times, meanwhile, initiated its own lab testing with tuna specimens from three Los Angeles Subway restaurants that showed no discernible tuna DNA.