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A Sweet Way To Use Up Leftover Halloween Candy This Holiday Season
When you think of Halloween, the first thing that comes to mind is the bounty of candy that comes with trick-or-treating. It’s often impossible to eat all that sugar by itself without a stomach ache, and with the winter holiday season on Halloween's heels, you should try using your leftover candy haul in some toasty baked goods.
Piñata cookies are triple-layered cookies stuffed with any kind of candy that won’t melt at room temperature — think M&Ms, Nerds, and Smarties. To make these cookies, cut shapes out of a layer of basic sugar cookie dough and leave 2/3 of the cookies whole, but cut a square out of the centers of the remaining 1/3 of the cookies.
Sandwich the cookies in threes: place one whole cookie on the bottom, place a cookie with a square cut-out on top and fill the hole with candy, then press another whole cookie on top. You can use icing or corn syrup as glue, and let the cookies cool before biting them or breaking them apart to reveal the colorful candy inside.