Broiled salmon filets with radish and spinach
A Simple Coating Is All You Need To Guarantee Tender Broiled Fish
Broiling fish in the oven is a healthy alternative to frying. While it can be broiled without oil, a different kind of coating can help the fish maintain its tenderness.
Rub the fish with butter and lightly coat it with flour. Butter ensures that the intense heat of the broiler won't dry it out, while the flour gives the exterior a golden crisp.
In a preheated oven, broil the fish on high for about 10 minutes, keeping a constant eye on it. Fish is easy to overcook, so check if it flakes with a fork to know it's done.
When broiling a whole fish, prevent it from drying out and curling up by making a few slashes on the skin to create air pockets, or baste it with butter halfway through cooking.