A container of Knorr chicken bouillon cubes
A Simple Bouillon Cube Will Enhance Your Bland Canned Green Beans
Canned vegetables can be bland, and you don't have to settle for that. It's easy to perk up canned green beans with meat or vegetable bouillon cubes for a flavorful side dish.
Simply crumble a bouillon cube between your fingers and sprinkle it over the beans, or cook them in bouillon broth. Be careful not to overseason, as the cubes are quite salty.
You can experiment with vegetable, chicken, or beef bouillon in your green beans to cater to various tastes and dietary preferences. Try choosing cubes that will suit your recipes.
Herbs, salt, meats like bacon, or alliums like onion or garlic can further enhance the beans. Bouillon cubes also work great to enliven canned mushrooms, corn, and other veggies.