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A Simple Addition To Make Frozen Pizza The Perfect Brunch Food
For many food lovers, brunch is even more enjoyable and luxurious than breakfast, since the average spread can feature cocktails like mimosas alongside fancy pancakes and egg dishes galore. One food you might never expect to see at brunch is frozen pizza, but for the harried brunch host, there is absolutely a way to pull it off.
Adding eggs to your frozen pizza will make an easy and delicious dish that can pass as a breakfast or brunch food, and if you're skeptical, know that pizza topped with egg has been proudly served in Italy since 1862. All you have to do is bake your frozen pizza halfway, crack as many eggs as you want on top of the pie, then finish cooking it.
The only tricky part of brunch pizza is cooking the yolks to the doneness you prefer, so keep an eye on the pie for its remaining time in the oven. If you're worried about the eggs slipping off, use the back of a spoon to press indents into the dough of your half-baked pie, then crack the eggs into the craters before putting the pizza back in the oven.