Sweet homemade banana pudding with vanilla wafers in glass
A Simple Addition Is All You Need For Super Creamy Instant Pudding
Instant pudding is very convenient, but typically falls short of homemade pudding. Whipped cream is the secret ingredient that can give this product a serious boost.
Folding some whipped cream into your instant pudding will add a milky and subtly sweet flavor without over-sweetening the dessert, while also boosting the rich and creamy texture.
Folding must be done properly to blend the lighter whipped cream into the denser pudding without deflating it. Start by adding the whipped cream to the pudding in small amounts.
Next, combine the two with a rubber spatula by making "J" shaped scooping movements. It may take a little longer than stirring it, but it keeps the cream light and silky.
You can also use condensed milk to flavor and enrich the pudding. You won’t have to worry about folding it in this dense and syrupy product, but it’s much sweeter and heavier.
Add condensed milk conservatively to avoid over-sweetening. For a plant-based pudding, coconut cream (not cream of coconut or creamed coconut) is a good dairy-free thickener.