Two glasses of green absinthe
A Seapea Fizz Is The French Cocktail Known For Its Green Color
The Seapea Fizz is a pale green cocktail created in the 1930s in Paris, France. It's a blend of sugar, lemon, and absinthe, shaken with ice, and finished with soda water.
Ideally, it is served in a type of wine glass called a coupe. Inventive bartenders frequently enhance this concoction by incorporating an egg white for a fuller texture.
The drink's mesmerizing green hue is due to the absinthe used in its creation. The cocktail's aroma prepares the palate for the first sip, which goes down smoothly.
The taste is a delightful interplay of the absinthe's complexity and the simple syrup's subtle sweetness, making it a well-balanced cocktail that is both intriguing and accessible.