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A Raccoon Was Sent To Thanksgiving Dinner At The White House In 1926
Historically, White House Thanksgivings have extended far beyond the meal, and have come with a variety of unique customs, like the turkey pardoning. One Thanksgiving tradition that has lasted through the years is presidents being gifted various foods, with one of the strangest presents dating back to 1926.
According to Smithsonian Magazine, it was common to eat raccoons back in the day, which is what led one Southern citizen to send President Calvin Coolidge a live raccoon for his thanksgiving dinner. Coolidge not only refused to eat the raccoon, but kept her as a pet, giving her a collar and naming her Rebecca.
Rebecca settled into the White House quite nicely, per Atlas Obscura, taking a liking to corn muffins and wandering around the apartments. Coolidge received many exotic animals during his presidency, including a bear, a hippo, and lion cubs, though none of them became members of the household like Rebecca did.