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A Quick Blanch Is All You Need To Have Canned Vegetables Taste Fresh
Fresh veggies have a crispness and vibrancy that is often missed in their canned counterparts. To breathe life back into canned veggies, try blanching them for just a few minutes.
Produce is typically cooked during the canning process, which helps to preserve them. This can make them soft, and extended exposure to metal cans often alters their taste.
Blanching, or boiling the veggies very briefly, gets rid of that "canned" flavor without overcooking them. All you’ll need is a pot of water, some ice, and a couple of minutes.
Start by draining the canned veggies. Bring a pot of water to boil and prepare a bowl of ice water, then add your vegetables once the boiling water is ready.
Remember that the veggies have already been cooked, so a two minute boil is all you need. Move them to the ice water to halt the cooking, then proceed with any recipe you like.