Steak cooking in a pan with meat drippings
A Plastic Bag Is The Key To Easily Separating Fat From Meat Drippings
To easily separate fat from meat drippings while cooking, use a regular plastic bag. They are simple, accessible, and allow for easy monitoring of the separation process.
Other traditional methods of fat separation can be tedious, imprecise, and time-consuming. Thus, the plastic bag method makes a practical, efficient, and user-friendly alternative.
To separate fat from your meat drippings, first allow the drippings to cool. Place a clean plastic bag over a glass measuring cup, lining the inside of the cup like a bag liner.
Next, use a strainer or sieve to pour the drippings into the bag. The strainer will catch any solid bits so that only the liquid drippings enter the bag.
Once the drippings are in the bag, let it all sit for a few minutes. During this time, the fat will naturally rise to the top, creating a distinct layer separate from the juices.
Once separated, lift the bag above the measuring cup. Snip a tiny hole in one corner and allow the meat juices to flow out slowly, stopping when it gets to the fat.