Steaks on flaming grill
A Pizza Oven Is The Unanticipated Way To Get Perfectly Flamed Steak
There's nothing better than a perfect flame-cooked steak. While many cooks are happy with using the grill, if you have a pizza oven, you should try using it for fantastic steak.
Proper brick-and-mortar pizza ovens are very efficient conductors of heat. They can reach 700° or even 1,000°F, which can give steak a perfect crust and juicy interior in a flash.
You'll want to place the steak in a cast iron skillet before putting it in the oven. These skillets evenly char the meat and can withstand the temperatures of a pizza oven.
Pizza ovens also tend to collect lots of ash inside, so you don't want to lay the steak directly on the hot surface. The steak could be done in mere seconds, so keep an eye on it.
For steak cut to the standard 1.5-inch thickness, preheat the skillet before use. If the cut is thicker, you can start with a cold pan, since it will take longer to cook.