Fresh raw ground beef burger patty with salt and spices on textured concrete background
A Peanut Butter Jar Is Essential To Perfectly Shaped Burger Patties
When making homemade burgers, you may find it challenging to portion out the ground meat so the patties are all the same size and can be cooked evenly.
Professional chefs often use a lid of a container to shape perfect burger patties. Specifically, the lid of an empty, large jar of peanut butter makes the perfect patty.
Wrap the lid in plastic wrap and use it as a mold, adding ground meat and shaping every patty into the same size. This is quicker and more accurate than forming them by hand.
This method also prevents you from overworking your meat. Fussing with meat and rolling it over and over in your hands can make it sticky, gluey, and tough.
Plastic wrap is essential because it forms a nonstick barrier. Without it, your meat will likely stick to the lid, mangling the patties and slowing down the process.
If you're portioning several patties and want to stack them neatly, or you plan to freeze them, place wax paper between each one to stop them from sticking to each other.