Onions being caramelized in a pan
A Pan With Light Interior Should Be Your Top Option For Caramelizing Onions
When caramelizing onions, most pans will get the job done, but some are better than others. A light-colored pan can prevent scorching and ensure optimal development of flavors.
The fond, or the browned bits at the bottom of the pan, is essential for giving the onions a deep, rich taste. However, a pan with a dark interior can lead to burnt, bitter fond.
A dark pan makes it hard to see the fond and determine how brown it is. A light backdrop provides a clear contrast, allowing you to see the color of the onions and fond.
This way, you can tell when the fond is about to get too dark, or when the onions are sticking to the pan and scorching. You'll wind up with perfectly caramelized onions.