Traditional Irish champ is an easy side dish made with potatoes and green onions close up in the bowl on the table. Vertical
A Pair Of Gloves Is All You Need For Superbly Textured Mashed Potatoes
If you don’t have a masher or hand mixer handy when making mashed potatoes, put on a pair of clean kitchen gloves and use your hands to achieve an extra creamy texture.
While forks are commonly used to mash potatoes, they won’t produce the right creaminess, and their small size makes the process time-consuming and hard on your hands.
With glove-covered hands, you can squeeze, smush, and squash potatoes to the perfect consistency. The gloves reduce messiness and are more sanitary than bare hands.
Since potatoes are best mashed while still hot, the gloves will also protect your hands from burns and allow you to serve your mash immediately.