Close up of peanut butter
A Near-Empty Jar Of Peanut Butter Is Your Best Bet For Homemade Ice Cream
Instead of tediously scraping your near-empty jar of peanut butter, shake that sticky peanut butter up with some cream, which creates the perfect flavor base for ice cream.
Start with a peanut butter jar that has at least two tablespoons of peanut butter left inside. Then, add a tablespoon of honey for sweetness and half a cup of whipping cream.
While you can use sugar as a sweetener, it may not completely dissolve as it freezes. You can also use half and half instead of whipping cream, but the texture will be icy.
Stir your ingredients together, and shake in the jar until the sound switches from sloshing to a thick slapping, at which point it’s airy enough to make fluffy ice cream.
If you want, you can stir in some mix-ins like hot fudge, fresh fruit, coconut flakes, or chocolate chips. Then, freeze the ice cream for two hours and enjoy.