loose meat sandwich with pickles and onions
A Loose Meat Sandwich Is Perfect For Repurposing Cooked Ground Beef
If you have leftover ground beef and are looking for an easier way to repurpose it than making tacos, sloppy joes, or chili, it might be time to try a loose meat sandwich.
Originally hailing from Montana, loose meat sandwiches (aka tavern sandwiches) are traditional in the Midwest and are a famous staple on Tastee and Maid-Rite menus.
In 1926, established butcher Fred Angell began selling his specialized hamburger under the name "loose meat sandwich" at the first Maid-Rite restaurant in Muscatine, Iowa.
Traditionally, a Maid-Rite sandwich is a simple mixture of cast iron-cooked ground beef that's placed on a bun and topped with onions, mustard, and pickles.
It's a cousin of the beloved sloppy Joe, but it's the sandwich's seasonings (instead of a sauce) that bring it to life. Maid-Rite’s variations include adding cheese and jalapeños.
Since this sandwich is essentially a burger, you can add your favorite burger toppings and use your preferred type of bun, such as sesame seed, brioche, and potato buns.