Meat and veggie kabobs on a grill over a fire
A Highly Sought-After Charcoal Will Transform Your Grilled Foods
While a simple bag of grilling charcoal from the supermarket will suffice in a pinch, if you want to up your cooking game, try the Japanese charcoal called binchotan.
Binchotan is made from super-strong oak hardwood with a high heat capacity, meaning it can quickly caramelize foods and crisp up the exterior while creating a juicy interior.
Moreover, binchotan is odor-free, contains no chemical additives, and releases less smoke even at high temperatures, making it one of the most eco-friendly charcoal options.
Binchotan takes longer to heat up, so it’s not the best option if you’re pressed for time. However, once lit, the charcoal burns for up to six hours and stays hot for even longer.
Binchotan can be pricey and difficult to find, particularly the popular white binchotan. You can blend different charcoals to save money, like adding mesquite to white binchotan.