Sliced steak on a white plate with bearnaise sauce made with tarragon with vegetables in the background
A Hassle-Free Tip For Tastier Homemade Steak Sauce
There’s no singular way to make a steak sauce, but in terms of technique (no matter the recipe), the sauce needs to sit if you want a flavorful and balanced outcome.
As homemade sauce rests, the flavors can meld together more fully, which balances them out. While there’s no limit, resting a minimum of 30 minutes before serving is recommended.
Given that any steak sauce will benefit from resting, following recipes with three ingredients or less is a great way to keep things simple but delicious.
Consider mixing bold and flavorful condiments like Dijon mustard with crème frâiche or blue cheese with sour cream. Or, mix butter and balsamic for a decadent topping.